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First Baptist Church of Perry

Perry First Baptist Church
Perry First Baptist Church

Perry Baptist Church was organized on March 31, 1838, with 11 members. For the first three months, the church met in the Methodist Church located in Evergreen Cemetery, but by the August meeting, a new log church had been completed and dedicated on the lower end of Carroll Street. For ten years the congregation met once a month for preaching and conference and baptism in Big Indian Creek. Take a moment and envision a log church being moved up this street by a mule pulling some logs. This is what was happening in 1848 when a storm swept in and destroyed the building. The log church was being moved to their new lot at 912 Main Street. Needless to say, the only solution was to build a new frame church that served the congregation until 1878.

First Baptist Church Perry 1848
First Baptist Church Perry 1848

Sunday School was added in 1852, and by 1854 the church had chartered Houston Female College. In 1868 Perry Baptist Church helped the African American members build a church of their own which is known today as New Hope Baptist Church.

In 1878 the congregation built a new Gothic sanctuary at 1105 Main Street which was used for almost 100 years. In 1957 the name of the church was changed from Perry Baptist to First Baptist. A new church was built and dedicated in 1968 and is still being used today.

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